Before & After

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My poor alignment, which has always been a challenge for me, has really improved!

Within a month, I started to see changes in my alignment, and after three months, my alignment was so beautiful that I couldn't believe it was my own!

The stiffness in my upper areas, which I used to experience, has also disappeared, and I'm really glad I started coming here!


I was very impressed with the considerable change in just one month. I completed 4 sessions in total!

I have had discomfort in my upper areas for several years, but I am happy that it has improved, and I no longer experience discomfort in my daily life.

Thank you so much! If you suffer from stiffness in your upper areas, please give it a try.


I had persistent tightness in my upper areas for almost 10 years, but after a few sessions, the tightness was significantly reduced, and after one month.

After three months, my upper areas were no longer tight, and when I felt discomfort, I was able to alleviate it with stretching exercises taught by him.